About Us

Chris Messina

Chris is the owner of Holland Park Pharmacy, an accredited consultant pharmacist and a credentialled diabetes educator. For the past 8 years, Chris has owned and managed Messina Pharmacy and in doing so has transitioned it from a traditional community pharmacy to a centre for diabetes care as recognised by the National Association of Diabetes Centres. With a focus on providing clinical services in collaboration with local GPs and allied health care professionals, Chris is passionate about supporting the critical role pharmacists and pharmacies play within the primary care setting in relation to diabetes care.


Viba Heyn

As a qualified pharmacist and credentialled diabetes educator, Viba co-founded Diabetes360 in order to help service an ever-increasing need to prevent, identify and optimise patient care. Viba’s passion for health and genuinely assisting people has stemmed from her years of service across multiple allied health areas, where she has treated many patients over those years. Viba has successfully developed systems to optimise the treatment of her patients, minimising harm and maximising the benefits of pharmaceutical care. Viba is a strong advocate of promoting the judicious, efficacious and appropriate use of medicines, to help make a huge difference in the health outcomes of her patients.